Silver Dendritic Opal Hammered Ring

Silver Dendritic Opal Hammered Ring

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  • Handmade in Devon, England
  • 925 Sterling Silver
  • 14 x 10mm Oval Dendrite Opal Gemstone
  • 4mm Silver Hammered Band

This gorgeous Dendritic Opal gemstone lends itself to nature with it's dendrites (markings) having the appearance of branches seen on trees, mosses or ferns. Not only is it beautiful but said to be powerful too. It can act as a light during dark times, provide hope and give clarity. This stunning piece is great for making a statement, whether just within a jewellery collection or in terms of the individual wearing it.

*Please note that everyone dendrite Opal gemstone has it's own unique inclusions (patterns) therefore your ring's gemstone may look dissimilar to the one pictured*

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